Talentstone Energy Search persistently searches the marketplace through networking, placement of adverts on our site or partner sites and referrals for the very strongest energy industry professionals, only looking to work with those who are clearly in the mid to upper quartile. If you are not somebody whom we feel we can properly assist, you will at least be given the courtesy of being informed accordingly.


If we seek to work with you, we will want to discuss with you at length and understand you. We will converse with you in a clear and honest manner, combining a jointly agreed action plan and keeping you updated on our progress. You will know from the onset that you are not just an additional name on another database, as you may have been made to experience elsewhere.

If you think you possess the kind of skills, qualifications and experience our clients are seeking, please feel free to call or email any of our consultants who will be very pleased to assist you with a search for the right opportunity.

We advise that you fill in your candidate profile and submit your CV by clicking here to register your profile on our resume database.

Alternatively, you can mail your updated resume to resumes@talentstoneafrica.com

Please note that as a result of our organisation's policy, we do not advertise our open positions on this site. Please contact us directly for enquiry on open positions.