While we would strongly advise meeting in person or setting up a call with one of our Consultants to discuss your hiring strategy, below is a brief outline of the ways in which we carry out our work and additional services:









This is not just the ‘database search’ which you may have come to expect elsewhere, and definitely not the flood of irrelevant resumes which you have probably witnessed. Our consultants are experienced, highly-networked and professionals. Retained Search may be more appropriate for some hires, but contingent recruitment is our livelihood and we respect the fact that many of our clients support it.



In a retained mandate, we take a more specific approach. We assign the most relevant Consultant to work on the mandate entirely from commencement to conclusion, and leave no stone unturned in combing the market for talented professionals whom we may not have identified yet. The level of research and networking involved is mainly dictated by the uniqueness of the position being recruited.

Because of the time and energy required to properly conduct a search, we charge an initial retainer fee. The remainder of the fee is payable on acceptance of offer or resumption of the successful hire.



While we are based mainly in West Africa and the huge mainstream of our mandates are roles to be based in Africa or Middle East, the exact nature of our market and clientele base means that there is a strong international essence to our work. Not only do many of our searches entails looking for people of a mainly specific region or geography, we also work on assignments based elsewhere in Europe, North America or Far East.

We have successfully completed mandates for clients based outside Africa or the Middle East. Most times these have been clients wishing to tap into the African market that do not have a good knowledge of the region, and looking to relocate a locally based candidate to start a fresh overseas challenge.

If you are a Western based financial services professional considering opportunities in Africa or Middle East, or you are a foreign based entity eager to attract African talent in your route, we would be very candid with you about our ability to be able to assist.



We have on many instances employed our extensive networks to research and map out target companies or industry market segments. This does not only allow us to recognize the strongest and most appropriate candidates for a role, it also assists us to explore our client’s market, presenting them with an additional insight into their competitors’ conduct and capability.



Talentstone Energy Search has on different occasions been asked to play a fundamental role not only in referencing the candidates we shortlist, but also in their testing and assessment. Ranging from verbal and numerical aptitude, personality profiling and skills assessment through to job-specific assessments to highly complex technical exercises, we have at our disposal a variety of tools which can be combined in order to meet the exact needs of each client.